DETAILS (r.i.p) 'Bright Ideas'

Crazy shoot that was inspired by the work of Gilbert Garcin, the french surrealist photographer who CG discovered a few years back. The difference being that CG decided to create this idea for real without using any compositing. 

The shoot required several thousand feet of black ribbon and the largest single source flash head we have ever seen courtesy of B2pro. Shot at the fantastic Stenner studios in Brooklyn. 

This is the last shoot CG did for the sadly defunct DETAILS magazine and closes what has been a truly collaborative 15+ year relationship with CD Rockwell Harwood and EIC Dan Peres. Big thanks to all the others that have kept me in the fray over the years; Stacey DeLorenzo, Liane Radel, Judith Puckett-Rinella, Natalie Kirsheh, Hali Feldman.