MASERATI 'Levante' Campaign

FCB Chicago commissioned CG and team to go to Barcelona and shoot a teaser campaign for the soon to be release first ever Maserati SUV, the Levante. Such a pleasure to do a shot where we were asked and allowed to make it moody and mysterious. Special thanks to CD Catherine Chesters, Julie Regimand and prducer James Stewart and Team Picture Farm. Very nicely done.

AMEX "Backed" campaign

CG was commissioned by Ogilvy, NYC to create a before and after campaign for the AMEX Blue card. A seemingly straight forward shoot, that is until we decided to catch a blender at the moment of impact as it hits the floor, in a single shot. No easy task. Thanks to CD Mark Sikes, ECD Michael Patterson and AB Leslie D'Acri for giving us the opportunity and to prop stylist Megan Caponetto for figuring out how to do it. It was really fun...and messy.

GRAPHIS Photo Annual 2016

CG has just been awarded a Platinum award and the cover for this years GRAPHIS Photo Annual for the 'Foot Soldiers' essay from last April for the NY Times Magazine.

NEW YORK magazine, VIA

The VIA building designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels on the westside highway at 57th st is nearing completion with doors set to open this spring.  CG had the pleasure of taking a tour with Mr Ingels, his firm and Mr Douglas Durst who has developed the site over the past 5 years.

Some trivia: The land is leased, not owned by the Durst family, all the units are rentals, the courtyard dimensions are a direct scale of Central park and the brick work in the lobby is an homage to a wall that I have personally witnessed at the Louisiana Museum outside of Copenhagen.





HICKEY FREEMAN, SS 2016 campaign.

Released on this morning, the Hickey Freeman Spring 2016 campaign shot in the streets of NYC. Creative direction by Andrew Wren at the agency OUT THERE, NYC. Directed by CG, motion plates were shot throughout midtown Manhattan last fall and composited to green screen images of the model walking through a virtual world created in studio.

Special thanks to producers Sara Gold and Leslie Yoon at Picture Farm, Brooklyn, DP Zak Mulligan, editor Rodrigo Balseca, post art director Justin Acree, color grader Colin Travers and co-conspirator Todd Stewart.




Christopher collaborates again with Mens Fitness on a story that is telling us that apparently we men are not eating enough protein. So we basically went and got ALOT of meat. Apologies to the vegetarians. It was pretty disgusting and it smelled like an Abattoir.

Thanks again to Director of Photography Brain Marcus at MF and to stylist Ariana Salvato for making this come together. 

COSMOPOLITAN, 'Love and Guns'

Cosmopolitan commissioned CG again in November to shoot a conceptual series of images on how violence (and the use of guns) can be hidden in a relationship and the government loopholes that presently exist that do not place boyfriends who have a record for committing acts of physical violence against women onto official registries that restrict gun ownership.

This was a long and involved creative process to illustrate some of the key ideas of this editorial through visual images. Thanks to CD Theresa Griggs, AD Danielle Jones, Photo editor Ali Kirsher and the fantastic prop stylist Megan Caponetto. It was really fun.

Their last collaboration with CG for the feature 'How Not to get Pregnant' gave COSMO their first ever ASME!!


at-edge, MACROVIEW 50 cover

This week in the mail, we saw the new at-edge cover feature a front and back cover of the DETAILS shoot published last September. Sadly, it was the last shoot CG will have done for them as they closed their doors in December. It was a great ride.

Thanks to Susan Baraz and all at Serbin Communications for getting me involved with at-edge.

DOVE, Ogilvy & Mather, UK

A continuing series of campaign images shot for Ogilvy & Mather in the UK for the mega brand DOVE. Shot in September at The AUDITORIUM, NYC, it proved to be a time of year where peonies are very very scarcely available as we reached to far ends of the earth sourcing flowers from Alaska, Central America, Chile and Holland. Truly.

It was an extraordinary journey of making sure we had the right flowers and it simply would not have happened without the persistence of our Riely Clough. She deserves all the credit. Major thanks to creative Meagan Mackay and producer Lesley Scott. It was a pleasure as per usual.

NY TIMES MAGAZINE, Best Photographs of 2015

CG feeling kind of proud that this years best of images for the NY Times Magazine included both the image of Victor Lagua's hand from the 'Foot Soldiers' editorial on New York City shoe shiners published April 26, 2015 and also the cover image of Serena Williams for the 'Meaning of Serena' published August 25, 2015.

GQ, 'The Lost Highway'

One of the most sobering editorial projects that we have had the pleasure of working on where we released 71 black balloons from the back of a truck to honor the lives of the 71 Syrian refugees who died tragically in a truck left abandoned on a roadway in Austria in August, 2015.

The concept was pitched by GQ on a Monday and we shot it fully rogue style in the rain on the Friday in upstate NY.  Special thanks to my balloon crew: Riely, Pat, Tara and stylist Ariana Salvato. Special thanks the Krista Prestek, Justin O'Neil and all at GQ for thinking of me for this exceptional project.


Christopher returns to Modena, the home of all things wonderful in Italy to shoot a feature on the Ferrari factory, the new Spyder, the Ferrari Museum and the vintage garage. This was a grand tour of all things Ferrari shot over 2 days this past October for our good friends at MOTW. Never really need to twist CG's arm to go to Italy, let alone to Ferrari. It was quick, it was wet and it was great. 

Thanks to EIC Christopher Tennant at MOTW, Car editor Jared Zaugg and Virginia Sciacca at Ferrari.  Lastly, a huge thanks to 'the man' Mr Flavio Manzoni for let us have a look around his kingdom. 



What can only be described as a very pleasant surprise when the Dec. 2015 issue of Creative Review came out in the UK for the annual photography issue... and CG had the front and back cover! From the NY Times Magazine story on New York City shoe shiners 'Foot Soldiers' published in April, 2015.

This is the second CR cover by Christopher, the other was back in 2001 for the launch of his first monograph STATES.

NEVER NEVER Exhibition, NYC.


In the spring of 2015, CG traveled to the wildlife sanctuary of Mornington in the Kimberley in the western outback of Australia to take images for the Australia Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) for a photographic project that culminated in October with the exhibit entitled 'The Never Never' at the OpenHouse space on Mulberry st, Nolita.

Alongside a parallel photographic project shot by Daniel King in the Mount Zero sanctuary, 42 images were on auction and to date a total of $80,000+ USD has been raised for the AWC through the sale of images from the exhibit. Limited edition prints are available at very reasonable rates. All proceeds go the AWC to further their extraordinary efforts of land and animal habitat management in Australia.


THE ATLANTIC, Blood & Gore

The Atlantic commissioned CG to shoot the extremely charming Al Gore and his co-CEO David Blood in the office of their Generation Investment Management firm in Midtown Manhattan this summer. Vice President Gore really enjoyed talking about about Mr. Trump and was convinced that he would be the nominee. 

Thanks to Nancy Jo Iacoi and CD Darhil Crooks at the Atlantic for giving us this most likely once in a lifetime experience. 


DETAILS (r.i.p) 'Bright Ideas'

Crazy shoot that was inspired by the work of Gilbert Garcin, the french surrealist photographer who CG discovered a few years back. The difference being that CG decided to create this idea for real without using any compositing. 

The shoot required several thousand feet of black ribbon and the largest single source flash head we have ever seen courtesy of B2pro. Shot at the fantastic Stenner studios in Brooklyn. 

This is the last shoot CG did for the sadly defunct DETAILS magazine and closes what has been a truly collaborative 15+ year relationship with CD Rockwell Harwood and EIC Dan Peres. Big thanks to all the others that have kept me in the fray over the years; Stacey DeLorenzo, Liane Radel, Judith Puckett-Rinella, Natalie Kirsheh, Hali Feldman.

NY TIMES MAGAZINE, 'The Greatest' cover

New York Times Magazine sent team CG to San Fransisco to shoot Serena Williams in early August at Sandbox studios for the 'Meaning of Serena' feature prior to her run at history at the US Open.

This was the second time Christopher had shot Serena... and she remembered! Though in all honesty, it was most likely for the fact that she had a really bad ear infection on the day.  

It was a great trip with Senior editor Stacey Baker (a great driver BTW) and design director Gail Bilcher. Great thanks to Kathy Ryan for the opportunity.